Following up on my previous post where if you are feeling “less than yourself”,  “swallowing your feelings”, feeling like you’re unable to express yourself hence feeling overwhelmed, irritable, stressed and challenged in your intimate love life,..

Here’s the problem with what you are experiencing above  – whether you are the lady or the guy in the relationship: 

You might be not playing out or being in the appropriate “role” in your relationship .

E.g being the “Mother” instead of being a lover, partner.

Being the “little Boy” instead of being a strong lover or partner.

Obviously there are plentiful background reasons “why” this happened which I won’t address here in this post.


there is ONE fundamental Root cause to this.

This stems back to the relationship you have with the very first two people you meet in your life: …

your Parents.

The Unresolved “Stuff”

Any unaddressed or unresolved issues with these two people tends to play out not just in your love life, but other areas of your life including your sense of self, your confidence and self esteem, your career, money, your relationships at work, and even your sense of direction in life.

Any “Imbalance” in the dynamic between you and your parents, can show up  in your relationship with your lover, including friends, bosses, co-workers…

Depending on how self aware the partners are, the problem could be ongoing for a good number of years before the breakdown happens. 

“Symptoms” of this problem

You might be able to recognise the problem highlighting itself through symptoms such as:

Chronic exhaustion, fatigue,

Other possible physical illness,


Food disorders/dysfunction

A general feeling of just feeling “stressed” overall,

Relationship breakdown due to building resentment and frustration,

And yes,

An unsatisfactory sex life. 

But here is the Opportunity…

The problems you are experiencing is an opportunity bringing to light on the deeper underlying issues that needs to be addressed. It is here where you can end any constant repetitive cycles, and this persistent loom of feeling that something is just off….

If this resonates, and this is something you want to look at, I address these issues in my 6 weeks intensive program.

6 weeks is all it takes to open the door to a renewed sense of Self, and an understanding of what is behind your issues and challenges, a new perspective of what is actually possible for you, and yes, a new You.

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