Here’s one interesting reason why you might be experiencing conflict and challenge in your relationship and intimate life:

 Both you and your partner might have a poor relationship with money and abundance.

Loosely translated as:

Lack/Scarcity mindset when it comes to finances and money.

When both partners operate on a lack or scarcity mindset, i.e “not enough”, “fear of uncertainty”, poor ability to juggle money and finances and/or lack of money knowledge and wealth producing abilities,…

this results in needy, desperate fearful emotions and behaviours that causes the couple much exhaustion, worry and frustration, both with money…. AND each other.

But the BEST part however?

Your “reactions to money” might not have come from you.

Yep. You read that right.


The REAL Root Cause 

While money and finances might seem to be the underlying cause of most of the problems the couple experience in their relationship…

the REAL root cause isn’t that.

If you have been following my previous posts, you will learn that your relationship with money might very well be correlated to your relationship with your parents.

And the challenges as a result of this “root cause” shows up in “symptoms” such as:

Taking up roles and responsibility that don’t belong to them,

Not standing in their power,

Being unable to express their needs and boundaries,

Having an abundance and wealth scarcity/lack mindset.

(And by the way, don’t matter how much or how less you are earning, underlying problem is usually the same.


There are TWO ways to start dealing with this issue as a whole…

1. Nip your abundance and money mindset right in the bud.

Just when you think the problem is about money, it actually really is not. (Watch out for my next article on this)

I did a workshop just a some weeks ago, a fabulous money mindset gold mine if I might say so myself, that has caused some jaw dropping moments in my participants as they weren’t expecting to hear what I have to say about the REAL cause to their money issues. 


It goes beyond just “money”, tracing back all the way to the first two people in your life, to your relationship with Universal intelligence (what most people call God or Divine Power), to your belief in yourself and how you have structured your life to received flow of money.


2. Start looking at your relationships with your parents.

In my time of working with clients who wishes to experience more flow in their money story, career and success, and love, NON of them has gotten around not working with their relationships with their parents. 

I call this the “constant missing gap” that needs be looked at – no matter what you are trying to improve in your life. 

The reason is as simple as this…


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The “Flow of Life”


The ONE thing people miss out on when they ignore their roots, the vehicle which gave them life, i.e their parents,…

is the “Flow of Life”.

And if “Flow” is what you are looking for in your money, success and career, you sure are missing out a hell lot.


Put it another way, what happens to a tree with their roots cut off?

Yeah. The tree eventually withers and dies.

Now can you see why this is the place to start?