Do you talk about money the same way you talk about your parents?


If you are struggling with money issues, and money flow, this is likely to be the last place to look.


But personal experience and my time working with clients has taught me that this is in fact the first place to look at whenever something is not working out.


The RESULT Of Working On Relationship with Your Parents


Let’s first explain the RESULT of taking the time to dive a little deeper into the relationship with your parents. 


From my time learning on this therapy modality called Family Constellation, healing your relationship with your parents heal two aspects of your money and career.


Healing your relationship with mum sorts out abundance and money issues. 


Healing your relationship with dad sorts out the business and career aspect. 


That’s in short. 


My time working with my clients further proves this theory.

My personal life experience too. 

When I did my money and abundance workshop, the participants raised their hands on the correlation with how they talk about their money, and how they talk about their parents. 


Clients coming to work with me on anxiety triggers or career or money issues always have had to look at something that happened either with their moms or dads.

An example:

A client of mine was experiencing high levels of stress at work because of being overloaded at work. The school was understaffed, and my client was getting overloaded with overlapping timetables and needing to stay back with her students after school for the extra after hours class supervision.

When my client came to me, she was experiencing anxiety triggers, and she didn’t feel like she was the same person she used to be. She was also losing her temper with her autistic sister which she felt very guilty about, and she wished to just get her anxiety out of the way so she could at least feel like the person she was prior to starting her current job.

Long story short, I asked her if she had tried speaking to the school principal or her higher up at least to see if she could get this sorted.

Her response was “It won’t work.”

Interestingly, her perspective was she didn’t feel it would work if she tried to communicate what she was experiencing and what she needed. 

I was fascinated but I knew there was something more at play here.

I asked her “Was there a time in your life when you tried to communicate what you needed and it wasn’t heard?”

She paused for a moment, thought about it and answered, “My mom.”


Let’s just put it this way, what went down after reminded me I needed to make sure client have tissues on standby when they get on a session with me. 


This is only one of the few instances I see how there are correlations. 

When I was conducting my money workshop, participants nodded in agreement when I asked them about whether they find themselves talking about their money like they do their parents.

I was talking to another amazing coach some weeks prior who had a big “WOW’ moment when she spotted how her languaging about money mirrored the way she spoke about her mom. 



The Same Patternings

The reality is, we don’t need to look too much into this therapy to realize that those of us who have screwed up family relations don’t actually seem to have a particularly easy time with other aspects of our lives either.

For some it could be the good ol’ money problems.

For others, career challenges, relationship issues cascading down into a series of mental and “self” crisis such as actual physical illness, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, depression, you name it. 


While there isn’t a one size fits all plan with everyone experiencing different life experiences, one of the underlying fundamental causes to many issues we experience in our lives has childhood roots. 

And like they say, when you nip something in the bud, it helps unravel a whole LOT of other stuff. 


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