There is something called the “Flow Of Life” that is passed on down to us by honor of our parents, and through them, our ancestors, and going further, the generations that have come before us.

This “Flow of Life” is a beautiful force and intelligence that naturally wants to flow through us and nourish us. When it comes to tapping into our “fullest potential”, this “flow” is especially important.

In this article, I share how this is so, and a simple process you can start to reestablish this flow. I also share what ‘honoring” really means, and how it does not mean putting up with toxicity or abuse.

Definition of “Full Potential” 

The definition of our “Full Potential” could range from:

  • full self expression and Creativity
  • safety and assurance in our sexuality and bodies
  • deep intimacy in love relationships as well as friendships
  • successful business, passion projects and career
  • fulfilling  relationships with our parents, siblings and children
  • joyful flow in our money story, wealth and abundance.

So when it comes to achieving our “full potential”, this might be “blocked”, or we might not receive the full flow of it, when we don’t allow ourselves to tap into the “Flow of Life” fully. 

Instead of ease, we find ourselves swimming against the current – experiencing this in the form of anxiety, dread, procrastination, self sabotage, conflicts in our relationships, questioning of our self worth, value and self esteem and experiencing hiccups in our career and money story.

What ‘Honoring’ Is 

In my time of working with clients and in family dynamics, I have found that we help facilitate this flow in our lives when we honor those who came before us. This is done through an acknowledgement and honoring of the “fate” of our family members, any form of suffering or pain that has been experienced by other family members, remembering and giving them a place in our hearts.

“Honoring” in this context means an ‘acknowledgement’ and coming into a sense of peaceful acceptance of “what is so” instead of resisting, turning away, ignoring, rejecting and forcing things to change. 

The Universe operates on a law of “inclusivity” rather than “exclusivity”. Honoring them this way helps permit and allow this “flow” to come through, blessing us with its wonderful abundance and gifts. Any form of ignoring, rejecting, shunning away blocks the flow.

The “honoring” process includes affirmation and acknowledgement healing statements to facilitate the healing needed.

The level of balance of a said relationship dynamic can be reestablished in just 1 session when done right – with the right follow up, structure and support to establish appropriate boundaries.

What Honoring Is NotPermitting Toxicity, Abuse or Manipulation

An important point to note here: 

Honoring our parents and ancestors does NOT in any way mean we put up with toxicity, or any form of abuse or manipulation.

In fact, “honoring” might very well mean a drawing of boundaries, firmly standing your ground, and returning responsibility that is not yours, while acknowledging what is indeed yours.

We can come to peace with someone, or a situation or event. But it does not mean we need to continue to allow  wrongdoing or crossing of boundaries in our lives.


Who “Honoring” can be done for 

In the context of this article, the honoring, i.e “acknowledgement”, would be specifically for your family members, parents, grandparents.

Keep in mind however that this “honoring process” can be done with spouses, past lovers, bosses, co-workers, siblings, children, and anyone who might have even be a “victim” and a perpetrator. 

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If IfiAction Step

Here is a simple honoring process you can try.

Take a moment briefly to put a hand over your heart. 

Picture/visualize/see/sense your parents in front of you, your grandparents behind them, their parents behind them, and then the rest of your ancestors behind them.

In this space, also take note of the thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise in your body as you. Try as best as you can to be present in this space.

Continue seeing your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and the long lineage of ancestry behind them.


Now, if you can find it in you, send an intention of  gratitude towards your parents, grandparents and the generations for having come before you. If you have difficulty tapping into gratitude, tap into acknowledgement. Just an acknowledgement. 

Remember that it was because of their existence that you were given the space and opportunity to be here. If there was no them, there won’t be you. 

Send an intention of recognition and acknowledgement for all those who were alive before, including your parents, their life journeys and experiences, their pains including their joys. Recognize that they are human too, and so are you. Underneath it all, we are all the same.

Ask for their blessings and support, and if you can, tap into the feeling of gratitude in your heart as much as you can.


Now take a moment to reflect on that exercise. 

Was that easy for you to do or tough?

What did you feel as you looked at your parents, and your ancestors behind them? 

What were your feelings and emotions and bodily sensations?

Were you able to send a gratitude of thanks and blessing to your parents and ancestors?

If there were to be a “life force” that comes streaming to you from your parents, how much would you rate this life force on a scale of a 100? Is it more than 50? Or less than 50. 

The lower the rating dictates the degree of connection you have with your parents, and lineage, as well as how much potential life force you are receiving, including it’s blessings, gifts and abundance too.

If you have difficulties doing the exercise, don’t fret. It just usually indicates more healing to do, and that is part of the journey. 

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A Further Opportunity To Tap Into Your Full Potential

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s reestablish the channels of abundance, ease and flow so that it flows WITH you, instead of feeling like you are swimming against the current  all the time.

Let’s also redirect the “Flow of Life” to help you achieve your highest ideals, dreams and wishes, a good way to end 2021 and kick-start the new year. 

In only 6 weeks, you will have the opportunity to reestablish your personal connection with “flow” through restoring any imbalance existing in your relationship with your parents – whether they are still alive and you have cut off connections with them, or if they are long gone and so are your feelings for them, –  all with one objective, so you help find inner peace, ease, joy and fulfillment in your own life.

You will also get the opportunity to work on your relationship with anyone significant in your life – spouse, boss, co-worker, sibling, perpetrator, abuser,  if that is a connection you wish to look at.

“Restoring any imbalance”  does not in any way mean requiring you to establish those connections physically or directly. It does not even mean you need to keep those people in your life. The work we will do together, will be mainly inner, mental and emotional work. For the rest , you will see how the mystery Flow of Life actually works for you, unravelling by itself without any physical action.


What Goes Down In The 6 weeks….

In the first session, we will work together on your mental and emotional health, reestablishing connections first within yourself, and weeding out any painful mental and emotional blocks that are in your way.

Next we will equip you with a proven technique that helps you nip your triggers in the bud so you become resilient and self sufficient (good bye to money spent on therapies)

The 3rd and 4th session will have us diving deep into your relationship with your parents. With my guidance, you would be facilitated to dots some Is, cross some Ts, finishing the conversation and closing off chapters to what have always needed to be said and done, and to be made peace with.  

(We can also gear these sessions to past or present people in your lives where you need to clear and wrap up ties with so you can fully move on)

The final 2 sessions will provide you with the opportunity to direct your vision and energy towards what you really want to bring into your life. 

For a limited time only until 30th November 2021 11.59am Malaysia time, I am offering 20% off for those who like to participate in this 6 weeks program.

We will start in December, one week break for Christmas and New year, and continue into the New Year.

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