If you want a great relationship with your partner, better sex life, a happier lover, spouse overall,

Here is a question I invite you to ask yourself: 

Are you fully playing your “role” in the relationship? 

Here’s what I mean.

Ladies, are you being more of the Mother than a lover? 

Are you over caring, over Nurturing? 

Are you hyper type A Alpha at work AND at home? 

Are you doing everything both at work AND at home, including being in charge of the finances, the meals, the kids, the laundry and dishes? 

Are you “swallowing” your emotions and what you feel, ending up feeling resentful of things…

but being unable to express it? 


In turn, Gentlemen, are you being “boys:, instead of being Men? 

Are your Ladies caring for you at home, while also going out to bring in the money for the household? 

Do you have a challenge standing in your power and strength…?

Perhaps feeling  directionless and hence, indecisive and pulled in many different directions?

Perhaps feeling needy, emotionally sensitive, possessive ? 


Alternatively, Gentlemen, are you having to be in charge of everything? 

Are you experiencing increasing amounts of burden and responsibility both at work and at home and feeling the weight of it all?

Are you feeling short in temper, irritable, and unable to express your emotions so it is coming out in inappropriate ways?

The Consequences

Consequences to these issues can be severe and have long term impact on not just your intimate relationships, but also other relationships in your life if not addressed.

When parties in the said relationships are not fully taking on their responsibility, pushing away or neglecting responsibility where it matters, or another party in the relationship is giving more than he/she is receiving, the imbalance in this dynamic are what cause the issues or challenges in the relationship.

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