Anxiety coaching 

Anxiety Relief Techniques *ARTS

ARTS is a set of highly effective anxiety relief techniques that are applied in therapy and counselling professions that have been carefully selected by Jassica Nia, a highly regarded Life & Manifestation Coach.

Jassica has a unique depth of experience as a cancer survivor and student of scientific and holistic therapies and techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techique, 9 Gamut Procedure, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Technique), Gestalt Therapy, and Family Constellation.

Join Jassica as you journey through some of the world’s leading techniques and strategies (ARTS) to cope with and overcome some of the biggest obstacles we face to become the best version of ourselves.

  • Real time application of techniques and coaching with Jassica Nia
  • Quick, practical solutions for stress removal, money and fear related anxieties 
  • Exploration and diagnosis of issues and problems with live coached execution of the techniques
  • Tap into and sustain the feeling of peace and safety in 7 minutes or less using the powerful biology of your heart
  • Boost self image and improve perceived self worth and value
  • Increase mental and immune system resilience by reducing stress response
  • Heal triggers from personal relationships with real time coaching and facilitating with Jassica Nia using family constellation principles
  • Experience the wonders of full mind, heart and body transformation 


    • Manage & clear anxiety (even when it is difficult to do)
    • Remove fear (even when it is right in your face)
    • Feel safe (even if it’s been years since you felt safety)
    • Reduce stress triggers and reactive responses (become “trigger-less”)
    • Induce and sustain calmness, peace and ease
    • Boost self esteem, self confidence and self assurance
    • Increase clarity and tune to your personal internal guidance
    • Take action in ways that work for you
    • Center and feel grounded and rooted
    • Tap into softness, femininity and sensuality(for women)
    • Tap into flow of abundance and creativity
    • Create an opening to receiving “more”
    • Restoration of your inner power
    • Connect deeper with your loved ones and others around you

    what you get

    6x Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

    Fear/Anxiety Removal Technique Video

    Tap into Calm, Peace & Safety Meditation Audio


    Meditation audio for Grounding and Activating Creative Energies

    A grounding sacral chakra meditation that helps ignite and reactivate your creative energies, strengthen your creative flow so you can “birth” your creative projects and passions into the world.


    What People Are Saying

    Before I started this program, I’m in a situation where I was not feeling like myself. I was easily triggered with even a small issue, hopeless with the current situation thus I no longer have interest in doing anything as everything seems like a dead end to me.

    In this program, I learnt that my thoughts and feelings are my tools to make myself feel better and achieve what I need or want, and not being afraid to let go of things that don’t elevate me or deserve my energy will put an individual in a much better place. 

    However, I found it quite a challenge to do this by myself – identification of self-values.

    Before I started this program with Jassica, I’ve read few self-help books such as Law of Attraction, The Power of Subconscious Mind, The Power of Positive Thinking etc, but I didn’t see any changes in myself as I’m confused with the methodology or processes as per described.

    Thus, in my opinion, to have a professional or a coach in this field will help you to be better faster, and you will surely save yourself a lot of energy from being frustrated again and again.

    My favorite experience of the program is  how calm I am right now! I am getting stronger in mind and spirit. 

    Human potential is limitless when you know who you are, what you want, and also when you trust yourself. By being responsible, taking action and practicing the exercises shared during the program, I do experience the changes – I am now calmer, I am more brave to take action that I know will make me feel happy and mentally stable.

    Fifi Salleh

    I wanted to let you know how much your tapping class on Udemy has helped me. I have been able to overcome fear and do things that I normally would have been afraid to move forward. One was driving a truck and towing a travel tailer from one side of the United States to the other.

    I used it anytime I was really afraid. I use it with my meditation and journaling routine when I find something new to work on. Thank you for this!!

    It’s made such a difference in my art and design business and actually doing social media. It has been such a stress relief. I’m making so much progress by adding this to my meditation routine. I’m actually thinking of making classes which has been a huge fear of mine.

    Thank you!

    Joy Christine Designs

    Hey Jassica,

    Just want to let you know that the breathing exercises as well as the tapping technique that you taught me has helped immensely in quieting the mind and allowing my heart to speak.

    As bad as this may sound, I typically don’t pay attention to what my body is saying to me, I’m always so caught up with reality and allowing the ego (flight or fight mode) to take over. Didn’t even notice the pain that I was feeling but you did and you helped me release it.

    My body feels lighter now, so does my mind. I feel like an open vessel, ready to receive whatever good that will come to me.


    Hey Jassica,

    I did the technique along with you on the course, and it did made a lot of difference.

    So healing my relationship with money was a huge goal of 2021… So far, I’ve removed anxiety around it this month, with deep journaling and your EFT course alone.

    In 2020, I’ve tried many coaches & meditations, and they were helpful but by the end I was more and more anxious about money than ever. So they were short lived.

    I do think that all the previous education has a role but breakthroug really was by just sitting with my feelings, finding where the wounds were and journalling/tapping… Oh and loads of prayers (I’m a religious person).

    I talked too much didn’t I, my apologies, it’s been a rollercoaster & I’m so happy to be on the other side finally.


    your coach

    about jassica nia

    Tapping into calmness, ease and safety away from stress, fear and anxieties involves getting you out of from the troubles of your present reality, out from your mind and into your heart, and I help provide the safe space that you might need to help you achieve more clarity, breathe better, feel better.

    My processes and techniques are gained through years of diving in deep to heal myself through acute leukemia, and a series of other tough life challenges that arose as a consequence of the disease, including financial strain and desperation, strain and pressures in relationships, questioning of self and even my own existence.

    My work is derived from a series of modalities and learnings that marries both science and spirituality so that healing is integrated on a balanced and holistic yet practical level. This helps you to take easy, effortless actions and untangle your mind & heart to deal with anxiety and stress related issues, FAST!

    With an understanding of brain neurology, quantum physics and a deep awareness of the spiritual self, I now use these very same techniques and processes to help accelerate results for my clients.

    Together we will journey into spacious awareness as you will learn to become a non-judgmental observer to your own thoughts and emotions, albeit painful or challenging to face them – it’s an important skill I will help you develop which will increase mindful awareness and reduce stress responses.

    You will come away after 3 weeks with the techniques that will enable you to continue aligning your heart with your mind and make this a lifestyle change that will give you ever more progressive results.

    Meet The Team

    Meet the teachers, experts and mentors who are an influence into Jassica Nia’s coaching and healing career until today.
    Carl Harvey

    Carl Harvey

    Ex-head copywriter of Mindvalley and Master Manifestations coach.

    Heart Math Institute

    Heart Math Institute

    Empowers individuals, families, groups and organizations to enhance their life experiences using tools that enable them to better recognize and access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence.

    Monika Wyss

    Monika Wyss

    Certified Family Constellation Teacher,  Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner and Certified Transformation Coach.

    Dr Joseph Murphy

    Dr Joseph Murphy

    New Thought minister, ordained in Divine Science and Religious Science. World renowned authority on mysticism and mind dynamics.

    Jumana Sophia

    Jumana Sophia

     Teacher, beloved ceremonialist, author, healer, and ordained priestess. 

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