About Jassica

Diagnosed with acute leukemia back in 2014 (a form of blood cancer), I have been gifted with the experience of facing numerous life challenges ranging from health, financials and relationships.

These experiences have given me the ability to resonate and empathize deeply with friends, strangers and clients who came my way experiencing troubles in their own lives.

Despite being told by the doctors that I would only have a few weeks to live with only one option of chemotherapy as my “only hope”, I turned that around with a strong belief that became a knowing, that I will recover from this seemingly incurable disease and live.

It would be a couple years later where with the simple belief  that “nothing is off limits”, and that I have the full support of the Universe/God/Divine Power behind my back, that I would continuously use this inner knowing to catapult me in all my endeavors.

In the same light, today I use this similar mindset, inner knowing, and my personal series of processes to guide and coach my clients with lasting results.

Nothing is unachievable. And I am here shoulder to shoulder with you to make your dreams happen.