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There is a reason why this webpage is named Once We Lived, not Jassica Nia, because this is dedicated to the time when the author was lying in hospital bed, immobilized, IV tubes sticking into her wrists, a long PICC chemotherapy line stuck right through the veins of her left arm into her chest.

At the age of 24 turning 25, she was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Chemotherapy was her “only cure”, or so she was told. And she must consent to chemotherapy, otherwise she’d only have a “couple weeks” left.

That time, back in 21st May 2014, I realized not only I wasted my life up till then, but I had not truly lived.

Fast forward today, I am living what I have promised Life then,
“Find me the solution, and I will share this with the world.”

Today, I am here doing what I have promised. Sharing my knowledge, journey, wisdom and experience with those willing to make a dent in their own lives as well as others.

If this is you, I’d love to have you on board.

Join me on an ever evolving journey where I am committed to my vision of uplifting, educating, evolving and transforming into a better version of Me, where this version of me, includes a better version of You.