Hi! I’m Jassica, a cancer survivor turned healer, author, coach and I help lift the veil that blocks your radiant, beautiful Self.

Whether you are here because the pandemic has pushed you to go further inward, or if you are here because you stumbled upon my site, welcome!

As the world finds itself in a place it has never been before, Life is now not only calling for us to pivot in life, career and business, but, it is also drawing our focus internally to see what needs attention and healing. 

Join me on a journey of self care – mental, spiritual, and physical, where we will discover and uncover more and more of our potential, in that we might unveil what is our true Self.

Your Journey

Here are some questions I invite you to ponder:

What truly matters to you in Life?

What are you living for?

Are you searching for some answers, or are you wanting to expand beyond yourself?

Whether you are facing any challenge for the moment, or if you are just here reading further out of curiosity, I invite you to on a journey with me.

Come expand beyond yourself, tap into my insights that only one who escaped death will have.

Come see through life from a different perspective through my lenses, and use these deep well of insights to navigate your own life.

Life is meant to be fully savored, and enjoyed. It can be a fun, enjoyable process of uncovering your destiny, discovering your personal life blueprint, all without the strife and struggle.

Let me help you open your awareness and perception to what has been there all along and start enjoying the ride a little more.

About Jassica

Diagnosed with acute leukemia back in 2014 (a form of blood cancer), I have been gifted with the experience of facing numerous life challenges ranging from health, financials and relationships.

These experiences have given me the ability to resonate and empathize deeply with friends, strangers and clients who came my way experiencing troubles in their own lives.

Despite being told by the doctors that I would only have a few weeks to live with only one option of chemotherapy as my “only hope”, I turned that around with a strong belief that became a knowing, that I will recover from this seemingly incurable disease and live.

It would be a couple years later where with the simple belief  that “nothing is off limits”, and that I have the full support of the Universe/God/Divine Power behind my back, that I would continuously use this inner knowing to catapult me in all my endeavors.

In the same light, today I use this similar mindset, inner knowing, and my personal series of processes to guide and coach my clients with lasting results.

Nothing is unachievable. And I am here shoulder to shoulder with you to make your dreams happen.

My Latest Programs

Hear what these wonderful peeps has to say

“Hey Jassica, just want to let you know the breathing exercises as well as the tapping technique you taught me has helped me immensely in quieting the mind and allowing my heart to speak. As bad as this may sound, I typically don’t pay attention to what my body is saying to me, I’m always caught up with reality and allowing the ego (flight or fight mode) to take over. Didn’t even notice the pain that I was feeling but you did, and you helped me release it.
My body feels lighter now, so does my mind. I feel like an open vessel, ready to receive whatever good that will come to me.

And thank you for bringing awareness on the energy we take up and consume everyday. The news, people’s behaviours, politics, anger, the pandemic etc because I was absorbing alot of negative energy the past week. But having you as a coach to support and bring me back to that place of abundance and realign to my goals, I can’t thank you enough.”


“Hey Jassica,

I did the technique along with you on the course, and it did made alot of difference.

So healing my relationship with money was a huge goal of mine for 2021… So far, I’ve removed anxiety around it this month, with deep journaling and your EFT course alone.

In 2020, I tried many coaches & meditations, and they were helpful but by the end I was more and more anxious about money than ever. So they were short lived.

I do think all that previous education has a role but breakthrough really was by just sitting with my feelings, finding where the wounds were and journalling/tapping… Oh and loads of prayers (I’m a religious person).

I talked too much didn’t I 😀 my apologies, it’s been a rollercoaster & I’m so happy to be on the other side finally.”


“For those of you wondering if this is for them, I’m getting coached by Jassica Nia and it’s completely changing my life.

She is not just an excellent listener but extraordinary talented at seeing your life for what it is and helping guide you to see what you need to see. 

If you need change, reach out to her and at least consider what your life might look like if you have someone to guide you to know how to change the things in your life you haven’t been able to on your own.”

Aaron Weber

“Thank you mam for this amazing mind clarity session, just can’t express my feelings mam of what value you gave to me today.! Love it..!”


“I have been doing the Forgiveness Process and no longer feel negative, hurt emotions when I replay the scenario of my abandonment in my mind.

I used to feel anger, unwanted and unloved. I feel more like they had no choice and so I do not feel any anger towards them for the decision they made. I feel like they did the best that they could have done for me and that they couldn’t give me a decent life. I feel that they didn’t know that there was an orphanage where they could have left me at. I envisage that I was left in a box in the bin and my crying drew the attention of someone kind who took me to the orphanage so I could be cared for.

I feel extremely loved and wanted now by the people in my life.”

Julie Elves

Ready to uplevel your life and accelerate your speed of progress/manifestation towards your goals?